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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This personal site is just a small window into my life and as a portal for me to connect to all the things I like. Maybe you'll enjoy some of the things I have on here. Keep popping back, this site will grow and grow as I add to it. See you soon!!!


I have many hobbies and skills, many of which I use daily and others I only get to use on special occasions. I have two or three main passions that keep my life interesting and on the go. Motorsports, technology and my beautiful family. If anything else can keep my attention for more than 10mins then I'll give it a go.

I have been known to go off and do really wild and strange things, just so that I can say "Done that and got the t-shirt".



Having been interested in technology from a young age, I have been playing/working with computers and all that comes with them for over 30yrs now. Lets say that I can handle a computer and tech, without too much of an issue.


Put me behind a steering wheel or handle bars and then lets talk about how you use an engine to it's limit, and walk away with a smile on your face. If it's got an internal combustion engine...I'll drive it to an inch of it's life...or mine!!


Whether it be one-to-one, public or any other way, I love talking to people and teaching them a new skill or improving the skills they already have. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone flourish when applying whatever I have taught them to help themselves.


Not only amy I a keen motorsports fan and computer whizz-kid (not too sure that label fits me now), I love learning new things especially when it comes to science based things. I have been know to take time out of my day just to read and look at all sorts of science related matters. Brian Cox .... he has a lot to answer for here!!

Not only has Brian has an impact on me over the last few years, Bear Grylls has reignited my interest for the wild outdoors. Give me a change and I'll go out into the wilderness and live there for a week or two!!

While being outdoors is fun and exciting, plus very healthy, Netflix has had an effect on me and I find myself watching many of the hit shows and movies that this excellent service provides. Certainly a good use for technology to allow me to watch both Brian and Bear!!! Well, that's my excuse for having it!!

Finally, Silverstone Circuit is involved deeply in my life now. Not only have I been very fortunate to be able to go to most of the recent top flight races there (plus loads of the not so popular ones too), I have been lucky enough to do a few things on the track itself that not many others will ever be able to do. Such an amazing place and full of great memories for me and my family. Can't wait to get back there to smell the petrol and hear the roar of them engines again. When's the next race...soon I hope!!


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